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    Garden arbors and arches are set up as walk through areas in home gardens or public parks where one can welcome guests. There are many styles of arbors to choose from. Some are man made and others formed over time by nature.

    Trellises are often a part of arbors for the garden, giving some support for climbing vines, such as clematis or rose, as well as many other plants. You can place an arbor at the start of a walkway in your garden to give visitors an entry point, or place them in the center of a lawn area as a focal point of the garden.


    Checkout 1best pergola plants for your garden. These climbing plants for pergolas and arbors can also be grown in small gardens easily.

    There are so many climbing plants that can be guided over a pergola to get a welcome shade in warm weather. For your help, here we have listed 1best pergola plants. This list is a combination of both tropical and temperate vines.


    Surely, one of the best pergola plants. Clematis is a spectacular vine as it blooms abundantly, flowering usually starts from spring. You can grow it easily and combine with other plants, especially with climbing roses to get a more exquisite view.


    The fragrance of honeysuckle flowers is nostalgic and multiplies when dusk sets. It has more than 180 different species, almost all are creepers. It is a very large vine that grows rapidly, a single honeysuckle plant can cover up a big sturdy pergola easily.

    Butterfly Pea

    Butterfly pea flowers are the best food source for butterflies. It is a legume and both flowers and seed pods are edible. You can try these out. The most attractive thing about butterfly pea vine is its shiny deep blue flowers. Butterfly pea is a tropical vine and grows best in USDA Zones and 1In a cold temperate zone, grow this perennial as annual.

    After using aerosol primer (or paint), tip the can upside down and depress the nozzle for a few seconds until paint stops coming out. Next, wipe off the nozzle with a cloth. This prevents the nozzle from being clogged the next time you use the can.


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    Boost your burn: If you really want to maximize your calorie burn, try not to rely on this machine too often. The elliptical works well in cross-training cardio circuits because you spend a shorter amount of time on it (as sort of a recovery break in between two higher-intensity machines such as the treadmill and the stair mill, for example). If you can’t bare the thought of stepping on a treadmill, use this ramped up routine to get the most out of your time on the elliptical.

    Stair Stepper

    Boost your burn: Always stand up straight and only hold onto the handrails lightly (if necessary). If your gym has a stepmill—the machine with the big moving staircase—try using it instead of a stair-climber or stepper, which only require your legs to make small movements. It isn’t easy (there’s a reason a stepmill is always open when all the treadmills are taken!), but it’s worth the sweat.

    Try this fat-blasting plan once and you’ll discover why, in the quest to lose the jiggle, it pays to take the stairs.


    Good news for treadmill fans: Experts agree that the calorie counter is pretty accurate, especially if you input your weight and don’t use the handrails. The problem is that many treadmills don’t ask for your weight and use a reference of about 15lbs, Olson says. That means if you weigh 13lbs, you’re really burning about 1percent fewer calories than the machine says (300 calories vs. 25calories, for example).

    Relying on the handrails—especially during higher inclines or while running at high speeds—can throw off your reading by as much as 40 percent (that 300 calories burned just became 180). And we’re not just talking about the people who pull themselves up a hill for 20 minutes. Placing even just a slight amount of weight on the support rails can decrease the actual calories burned by 20 percent (or more), Olson says.

    Boost your burn: To maximize your treadmill time, avoid the handrails and be sure to practice good posture. “Slumping over can have a major impact on your oxygen intake, making your workout harder,” Cardiello says.

    Can’t make it outside? Go a little longer (or farther) with your indoor session to make up for the terrain difference, or try this fat-blasting interval routine.

    Cycling For Weight Loss

    Cycling is not only a great way to travel, but also to burn calories and lose weight. It’s low impact so ideal if you’re unable to run or want to rest legs from impact on your days off from more impactful exercises.

    The affect of age and heart rate on calorie burn

    It is important to understand about maximum heart rate when exercising. As you get older you will find the maximum heart rate slowly declines due to your heart ageing.

    To calculate your approximate maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. E.g. http://blitorn.com/best-calories-burned-exercise-bike. If you are 40 years old, your maximum heart rate would be approximately 220-40= 180bpm.

    If you are looking at starting a fitness regimen, you may be in the process of researching exercise equipment.  If so, you could be wondering about stationary bike benefits for weight loss and toning.

    I was in the same boat when I first started exercising.  With so many fitness aids available, it was difficult to decide which would best suit my needs.  And, just as importantly, which I would enjoy using.

    If you only have the room or budget for one piece of exercise equipment, a good way of working out what to buy is to try the machines at your local gym.  Many gyms offer free or very inexpensive trial periods or pay as you go membership, with no long-term commitment required.

    In this article, we look at the benefits of stationary bike exercise for weight loss, muscle toning, health, and fitness.

    Stationary Bike Interval Training

    To increase stationary bike benefits for weight loss, do interval training.  By alternating between low, medium, and high intensity pedaling, you will burn more calories than when working at a steady pace.

    An example of an interval training session on a bike is to pedal really fast (almost 100% effort) for 90 seconds, drop back to around 40% effort for 90 seconds, go flat out for a further 60 seconds, then lower your pace for the next 30 seconds.  Repeat this, alternating between high and low intensity for the duration of your session.

    Do this for 20 minutes, making sure to include a to 10-minute Warm-Up before you start and a Cool-Down at the end of your session.  Your Warm-Up can comprise of slow pedaling that steadily increases.  With your Cool-Down, you will be decreasing your workout speed until you stop.

    Another of the stationary bike benefits is that it improves cardio health and strengthens respiratory function.

    Regular stationary bike workouts will, over time, result in your heart functioning better, which can help prevent a heart attack.  Other benefits include blood sugar regulation, and blood pressure reduction.

    When using a stationary bike, you will breathe faster and more deeply.  This will maximize oxygen levels in your bloodstream and elevate your heart rate, resulting in increased blood flow to your muscles and lungs.  During this process, your capillaries will widen, enabling more oxygen to reach your muscles.  Waste products including carbon dioxide and lactic acid will be transported away and excreted from your body.


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    Ideal for one-handed reading

    The ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book. Easily turn the page with either the touch display or dedicated page turn buttons. Whether you choose to read with your left or right hand, the page orientation automatically rotates to match.

    Pull Quote

    We were surprised how light and thin the case is, considering that it protects every possible edge of your device.

    The case’s materials are nothing special, but they feel substantial and sturdy enough to resist wear—unlike the chintzy-feeling plastic of the similarly designed Poetic Slimline Portfolio. We cut into the edge of one Omoton case and found that the rubber siding that protects the edges of the screen flap is reassuringly thick and that the plastic sheet inside is much thicker. This means that the case is less likely to delaminate around the corners over time, which was an issue with a previous pick, the Fintie Folio. (The Folio had a thinner, pleather-wrapped plastic flap with weaker rubber siding that wore through at the corners over the span of a year or so.) And even after gentle drops onto concrete and extended trips in a messenger bag, the textured plastic—at least in black—hid scuffs decently.

    Long-term test notes

    Several of our editors have used our Omoton pick daily over the past several years. Each cover held up incredibly well after being tossed in bags, in airplane seat-back pockets, and on coffee tables. The textured design has helped prevent visible signs of wear, and the auto-wake feature still works just as well as it did in the beginning.

    I hated it!

    My experience after installing protectors (on any device) is that I always end up with crumbs, lint, or stupid air bubbles.

    This is usually due to the fact that I can’t get it on straight the first time so I have to peal it back up, which creates static that attracts any lint and crumbs that were sneakily hiding when I cleaned the work space beforehand.

    I’ve also tried anti-glare screen protectors but they were worse! They left a rainbow discoloration over the screen that was impossible to ignore.

    Fortunately, some smarty pants at Skinomi figured out how to make this painful experience pain free! That’s why their screen protectors are the best.

    The way you install the Skinomi screen protector is super easy.

    However, I’d highly recommend watching their installation video first, that’s what I did, before getting started. This way you can visually see the process which will increase your level of success.

    You’ll also want to be sure to identify the cutout holes for the light sensor and for the camera (on HD screen protectors only). center, while the light sensor is to the left of the camera (which is at the top while in landscape view).

    If you put the screen protector with the sensor hole to the RIGHT of the camera hole you have it on backwards and it may not adhere properly.

    Be sure to wash your hands beforehand as the video doesn’t show this, only the written instructions given below the video do. And watch the video first BEFORE you start so you know the full process before beginning.

    USB Cable

    The cable is a must-have accessory because all of your charging needs must happen through this cable.


    I don’t know if it is just me, but this is the one accessory that tends to get spoiled easily. Somehow, I manage to break the joints, the connection between the plug and the cable, easily. If your boxed cable gets spoiled, make sure you get a new one with a 2.0 USB speed. For the fun and stylish people, cables come in different colours, too, apart from black and white.

    This bag by Travelon has a locking compartment for protecting your Voyage from theft. The bag is sturdy and will hold up to the roughness of everyday life. The shoulder strap is large and comfortable.  You can use it like a purse/computer (carry-on) bag packed with your Voyage, tablet, mobile phone, wallet, etc. But the padded part of the strap of this bag is not adjustable and thus may not be ideal for tall people who let the strap out.

    TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount Holder

    If your kid keeps throwing or dropping their tablet in the car, you’ll probably see this headrest-mounted tablet holder and wonder “where this been all my life?” It’s also useful if you’ve got more than one tyke in the backseat, because now they can’t argue over who gets to use it, and they’ll just have to watch the same show together. Holds most 9.7-inch tablets, including the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

    Logitech Big Bang

    Cute cases are great, but you also need protection. The Big Bang case from Logitech maintains a kid-friendly weight and a slim design but still offers impact protection for falls from up to 4.feet. That’s thanks to the shock-absorbent material that lines the edges and the screen cover. It’s helpful that the liner, which activates the iPad Air’s sleep/wake function, is wipeable for the inevitable spill.

    If you have a Fire HD tablet or you recently bought one, you should not fail to get a great cover that will protect your tablet without compromising on looks. Currently, the market is flooded with covers making it difficult to pick the best Fire HD Cover. However, this article will expose you to only the best covers and why they make it to the list after a rigorous selection based on features and not popularity.


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    YKS New Mini USB Vac

    If you rely on your computer to make a living, you know how important it is that your computer is always functioning properly.

    This would include your keyboard. You would be surprised at how much dirt and crumbs can be collected in your keyboard at the end of the day.

    Domire Mini USB Hoover

    Those looking for an incredibly well-rounded mini vacuum cleaner will definitely want to check out the model from Domire.

    Although the unit is immensely affordable, it is capable of paralleling and excelling the performances of many more expensive models.

    The plug and play setup offers plenty of conveniences and will allow you to get the job done as quickly as possible, without fumbling around with too many controls.

    Two switch levels-slide the switch to the first level to turn on the LED light, slide the switch to the second level to turn on the vacuum cleaner.

    Use the keyboard attachment rubber to vacuum the dust and other particles trapped underneath the keyboard keys, by sliding the squeezable tube between keys.

    Use the brush & suction tube attachment for general cleaning of air vents(Fan), Monitor and computer areas, or dust on your desktop.

    Payment methods

    We currently offer COD payments only for Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. We will send a confirmation code to your mobile phone to verify that your contact details are correct. Please ensure you follow all the instructions contained in the message.

    All-New RoboVac: Re-engineered to be the slimmest* RoboVac (2.85″) but increased suction at 1300Pa with quiet operation.

    BoostIQ™ Technology: Automatically increases suction power when extra vacuuming strength is needed to get the best clean.

    Long before there was a Dyson

    VAbsolute vacuum, a bias existed about the pricing and overall effectiveness of Dyson products. While I am not trying to prove or disprove that, I am going to share my impressions of their latest (expensive) household appliance: the VAbsolute vacuum.

    Before you attempt to clean your computer, make sure to unplug it and power it down. You should also take a moment to refer to the owner’s manual for do’s and don’ts about cleaning solutions and techniques that might be specific to your device.

    Ports and vents: Use a compressed air can to dislodge debris from the various nooks and crannies. Hold the can at an angle so that you’re not blowing the debris deeper into the machine. A soft paint brush or an old toothbrush can also help remove dust and pet hair that remains trapped there.

    Most laptops are quite well sealed, so don’t bother trying to clean their innards. “But dust can accumulate inside tower-model desktops, causing the cooling fans to work overtime,” says Asedillo. She suggests using a compressed air can to carefully remove the accumulated dust. Try this out. Asedillo advises against using a vacuum cleaner inside the case, to avoid possible static discharge, which could compromise your machine’s circuits.

    The screen: Use a dry lint-free cloth to remove the surface dust. Soak a sponge in plain water and wring it out until it’s just damp. Wash the screen by moving the sponge in small circles, applying just a bit of pressure.

    Don’t use ammonia, ammonia-based window cleaners, alcohol, or other chemicals, Asedillo warns, because they may damage the display’s coating. “Harsh cleaners can damage a screen’s anti-glare properties and even make a touchscreen less responsive,” says Asedillo. TV, tablet, and smartphone owners should heed this advice, as well.

    The keyboard: Admit it: Your keyboard is a magnet for dust and debris, and maybe even food crumbs. How can you hide the evidence? “Believe it or not, the tool of choice is a small, portable vacuum cleaner,” says Asedillo.

    If you don’t have a small vacuum, try a small brush or the sticky end of a Post-it or simply turn the keyboard upside down and give it a shake. “You want to remove the mess rather than pushing it deeper into the machine,” Asedillo cautions.

    Finish the job by wiping the keys with a cloth lightly moistened with plain water or rubbing alcohol. Don’t apply the liquid directly onto the keys; apply it to the cloth instead.


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    Zoomer Interactive Puppy

    Despite being only two years in the market, this dog has proven to be one of the best when it comes to electronic pets. The dog is twice smarter than its original form so you can expect much more from it. The dog will be your company and your best friend as it can perform almost all the roles of an actual dog.

    However, you should not try to feed it because it only feeds on battery. The dog can bark, talk and even play with you. Unlike other electronic puppies that come already programmed, this dog gives you room to teach it new tricks and games. You can train the dog to fit into your favorite games and schedules such that when you go out running, you can go with your dog. Language is not a limitation as the dog can adapt to French, English and even German languages.

    This puppy is for children who are extra excited about puppies. However, it is advisable not to allow children below five years of age to handle the dog. The dog comes with USB and a charging cable to make your work easy.

    Electronic Pet Dog. Harry Responds To Touch with Fun Puppy Activities, Chasing, Songs, and Dog Sounds.

    This product is an electric dog that is not only going to bring excitement to you but the whole family. I mean, can you imagine a toy pet that is six inches tall and seven inches long. That is what this pet gives you, as a matter of fact; you might think that it is an actual dog as it can behave just like real dogs. You can always take it for a walk and expect it to sound just like a real dog. I must warn you that you have to make sure that you have enough battery power for the massive activities of the dog so that you are not disappointed should the batteries die in the middle of events.

    Therefore, for you to have endless fun, you must make sure that the pet has power throughout. It only requires three AA batteries, and you are good to go. The dog comes with sensors that will always respond to your touch so that you have that feeling of handling a real dog. If you touch the dog on the head, it will start dancing, and if you feel it on the back side, it will give you a surprise move. With such a toy, I don’t see why one will still risk chasing away friend’s with dog allergies when you can keep this perfect robot dog that will not bother anybody with allergies.

    This is the best toy puppy for one who loves playing with dogs. It gives you over 100 interactions that come with random puppy behavior. The dog responds to your voice and commands providing you’re the natural feeling of having a real dog around you. It is fun to have this dog around you as there is a wide range of activities that you can do together including tag of war, dancing and more. You can expect high-quality delivery as the packaging also doubles out as a carrier. The hang tag that comes with it can convert into a collar or even an ID tag for your puppy. Unlike other electronic puppies, the Georgie comes with a training guide that ensures that you get the best out of your puppy. If you want fun, this is the dog for you.

    Chi-Chi Chihuahua

    This is one of the most adorable robot dogs on the market today. It feels like having an actual dog. You can pet it, talk to it and even play with it. Enjoy the tail wags and the head nods. The dog is for those of us who love fun as it has a playful nature that will keep you busy all day long. I cannot fail to mention that the puppy also barks as much as that sounds obvious.

    The product is intended for children of three years and above. If you have a sibling or a child who cannot wait to have his puppy, then this is the best product for him. Spread the happiness with Chi-Chi Chihuahua. Have fun every single minute you spend with this dog. This is an excellent place to put your money as you will never get disappointments.

    When ChiP has had his fill of fun and his power is running low, he’ll automatically run to his SmartBed, a simple charging station that comes with the pet.

    Automatic recharging is a standard feature for most robotic vacuums, and I wish every robot toy had it, too.

    So they made their pets as easy as possible to take care of.

    If you need help figuring out something, each pet is accompanied by a comprehensive care guide. Refer to it whenever you experience a problem with the pet or need to learn how to use it.

    Lots of Tricks

    Zoomer 2.0 can do more tricks than ever. Going here. He can be taught to sit, roll around, dance, chase his tail and even shake a hand.

    All of Zoomer’s tricks can be taught easily using voice commands. The more tricks he learns, the more fun he will be for your kids.


    One thing that takes most buyers by surprise is how fast this puppy moves. This because of the wheels attached to each leg.

    Zoomer moves easily on different types of floors including hardwood, tile and even mid-rise shag carpet.


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    Battery Life & Battery Indicator

    You might not believe it at first glance, but the BenQ Zowie XL2540 is every bit the gaming monitor that the Asus Predator X3is. And though it may not seem it from the outside looking in, it does its job remarkably well too, sacrificing dazzling lighting effects for a zippy 240Hz refresh rate and nigh-instantaneous 1ms response time. There’s no G-Sync or FreeSync, as this monitor assumes you already have a rig that’s plenty capable of eliminating screen tears on its own. Instead, this monitor keeps it simple by supplying you with lots of visual presets, an “S Switch” control pod for managing those presets and even a pair of adjustable light screens.

    Ineffective gaming modes

    If you’re running games using AMD- or Intel-based graphics and want to get into ultra wide displays without spending a fortune, this is the monitor to look out for. At 3inches diagonally, the LG 34UC79G-B is equipped with AMD FreeSync for screen tear elimination and a 21:aspect ratio best suited for games and cinema. Despite the resolution being lower than a lot of other widescreen displays on the market, there’s no denying that the LG 34UC79G-B pulls off a crisp image nonetheless – and with stunning color accuracy at that. Plus, you can change the height, which is more than can be said for even some of the pricier 4K monitors available today.

    A Single Monitor Manifesto

    A single high DPI monitor is all you need — and for many knowledge workers, is actually preferable to multiple.

    Despite the fact that multiple monitors make you look like a serious computing badass, I sold my multiple monitor set up a couple years ago and switched to a single monitor. And I’m not alone.

    Here’s why.

    Humans can only focus on one thing at a time. So why are we spending money to display multiple things simultaneously? If my email or social media feeds are available at a glance, then I’ll check them constantly. This isn’t just unnecessary, it’s counter-productive. In a world of endless distractions, being able to focus on a single task for an extended period is a seriously valuable skill.

    One monitor means my work — and only my work — is displayed front and center. Distractions stay out of sight, and thus, out of mind.

    My Preferred Monitor for Getting Things Done

    I prefer using a single 24″ 4K. Why 24″? Because if you want to get actual work done, bigger isn’t necessarily better. 24″ is large enough to display a single application full-screen. See this website. And it’s large enough to display two apps side-by-side in the rare instances that I truly need to see two things simultaneously (I use BetterTouchTool on Mac and simply hit Win+arrow on Windows). However, 24″ is small enough that you can maximize all applications without needing to move your head or eyes much to see the screen edges. Remember, maximize all the things. Maximized = focused.


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    Hi, this is Julie Bashore from the Sugar Arts Institute. Let’s have fun with some of the Ateco piping tips. Working with their disposable piping bags that come on a roll, they tear off really easily, I like to work with the smaller 12” bags but they also have 18”. Working with a coupler, remove the nut from the base of the coupler and place the base in the bag as tightly as you possibly can. Working with a pair of scissors, above the screw marks, just cut the edge of the bag and remove that. And then you’re going to choose the piping tube that you’d like to work with, place it on the top of the coupler, and screw it down firmly. This is a piping bag stand; it’s very convenient, especially if you’re piping alone or you don’t want to interrupt anyone to fill the bags, it holds the bags really well and you can slip your icing in there. This is the short-ended Ateco spatula which is quite wide so it’s really convenient for picking up the buttercream. Pull the bag up, place it on the table, and spread the buttercream down to the end. And then of course it’s important not to forget to burp the bag. This piping tip that I’m using is a ruffling pipe piping tip, and it’s absolutely amazing how quickly it works. Have a look, come in close. Doesn’t that give an awesome ruffle? Let’s work with another tip. This is the shell tip; don’t forget to burp your bag. This is great for a border; in fact, I sometimes use it on the edge of my ruffle. It gives a really nice shell design. The tip itself is curved so it gives a nice puffy shell appearance to it. Ateco has a new set that they’ve brought out: polycarbonate plastic piping tips, they are large tips, very strong and very precise in the edging. This one is a basket weave design; it really makes an awesome border. Place the bag over the holder, again, don’t forget to push the butter cream all the way to the edge and burp the bag. It has two edges, a flat edge and a scalloped edge so this makes a great ribbon design; you can also wiggle it or make just a ribbon and also wiggle this. Flip it over and wiggle. Great for basket weave.


    Equivalent items and any associated illustrations or descriptions are presented for your reference. These are items which, based on available manufacturer information, are comparable to the stated original item. These items are not necessarily authorized, sponsored, or endorsed by the manufacturer of the stated item, or by the manufacturers of equipment compatible with the stated item; any OEM names mentioned are registered trademarks.

    A good stand mixer will make your baking (and cooking) life a lot easier. If you bake a lot and have been struggling with a low-grade mixer or a hand mixer, you might want to upgrade. A well-made stand mixer can produce loaves of rustic bread or moist cake layers, it can make quick work of whipping egg whites into meringue, and it can churn out dozens upon dozens of holiday cookies.

    We believe that the KitchenAid Artisan is the best mixer for the home baker who’s looking for an equipment upgrade. After spending more than 1hours on research, consulting experts Anne Gordon of The Good Batch and Sarah Carey of Everyday Food, performing 30 hours of side-by-side testing on six stand mixers and two hand mixers, and conducting long-term testing for a year, we can definitively say that the brand that rolled out the first tabletop mixer in 191is still the best. Sometimes you really can’t beat a classic. The Artisan isn’t cheap, but since refurbished units are often available, we think this can be an affordable machine, and for the money, the KitchenAid Artisan can’t be beat in performance and versatility.

    A budget strainer set

    These are not as heavy-duty as the All-Clad models, but they cost much less. This is a great set for the occasional baker.

    If you’d rather invest in just one high-quality strainer, Cook’s Illustrated likes the CIA Masters Collection Very Fine Mesh Strainer. According to Cook’s Illustrated, it “produced the smoothest sauce and silkiest pudding,” and its handle was strong enough to withstand being banged against the counter a few times.

    If you cook or bake at all, you should own a solid baking sheet. My explanation. A good baking sheet can actually improve the quality of your cookies. If you find yourself constantly burning or undercooking cookies—and if you know that your oven temperature is accurate because you use a thermometer—a cheap pan may be to blame. Too many kitchen cupboards house a hodgepodge of clunker cookie sheets that are warped, dented, or so thin they’re apt to char the undersides of cookies before browning the tops. This is unfortunate, because a high-quality baking sheet costs little and (if it has rims) can serve as a great all-purpose pan for many culinary tasks, like roasting vegetables, baking bread, and browning granola.

    Experts prefer disposable plastic piping bags like these Ateco pastry bags.

    You won’t find all that many types of disposable pastry bag out there, but they do vary in quality, and for the home baker we think the Ateco 18-Inch Soft Disposable Pastry Bag 10-Pack is the best option. Of the brands we looked at, only Ateco and Wilton sell bags in small quantities of or 12, as well as in boxes of 50 or 100. Other brands, clearly aimed at professional kitchens, come only in boxes of 100—enough to last most home cooks a lifetime. The only in-between option we found, a 50-count box of Cake Boss Decorating Tools Disposable Plastic Icing Bags, is quite inexpensive for that quantity but of mediocre quality.

    We preferred the Ateco bags over Wilton’s Disposable 16-Inch Decorating Bags because the plastic felt higher quality. We agreed with Dosik, who told us the Ateco bags are her favorite because they’re “very pliable” as opposed to the more crinkly Wilton or Cake Boss bags. Also notable: The outside of the Ateco bags is slightly tacky—not sticky, but grippy, similar to Press ’n Seal plastic wrap. This feature offers an advantage, especially when you’re working with greasy buttercream, because it helps keep the bag from slipping in your hands, which can turn decorating into a frustrating and messy struggle. The Wilton bags and the Cake Boss bags, in contrast, are as slick and shiny on the outside as on the inside.

    All of the bags we tested were strong enough to hold up under forceful stretching, and none showed signs of bursting at the seams. Pastry bags can vary in length, but one between 1inches and 1inches should do everything you want. A 12-inch bag will probably hold enough frosting to tackle a cookie decorating project, but if you plan to do other things, such as decorating a cake or filling doughnuts, you may want to go for a larger size. Just keep in mind that you need enough empty space in the top to twist the bag closed. Twisting forces the frosting down into the tip and ensures that you can squeeze it out evenly with only gentle pressure.


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    This Omega Masticating juicer will take your juicing to the next level! Besides being easy to assemble, this juicer creates nutritiously delicious juice! Want to make fresh fruit juice? Juice pineapple in a breeze. The juice extracts out one tube straight into your glass or container while another tube collects the pulp and pours it into another container. It can also handle fruits with seeds such as cherries and pomegranates. It can handle vegetables too! From vegetables as hard as carrots to celery, broccoli, and peppers, this masticating juicer does it all. Use this handy push stick to push products all the way down the feed tube without endangering your fingertips. The possibilities don’t stop with fruits and vegetables. Extrude soy milk, and juice product as fine as wheat grass. Click the following link. And to complement all the brilliant sauces you can make from fresh veggies, use the opposite end to form perfectly shaped pasts noodles for the freshest meal imaginable! The options are endless – make nut butters, baby food, and it even has a grinder for coffee beans and herbs. Plus, its built-in reverse function prevents clogging and automatically ejects pulp into a separate container for continuous juicing.

    Omega J800Details

    With the versatility to create nut butters and baby food, work as a pasta and soy milk extruder, or even serve as a grinder for coffee beans and herbs, this Omega J800masticating juice extractor does so much more than extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables! This black and chrome juicer features a built-in reverse function to prevent clogging and automatically ejects pulp into a separate container for easy, continuous juicing.

    This unit has a 1/hp, 3600 RPM motor that gears down to hp, 80 RPM, allowing this juicer to chew through plant fibers and penetrate membranes to extract the fullest taste and highest values of vitamins and minerals from foods such as wheatgrass, carrots, and more. Its auger is made of the revolutionary ULTEM plastic for times the durability.


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