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About the product ✓SOOTHING SELF-MASSAGE FROM HEAD TO TOE: Forget overpriced spa treatments – now you can relax, de-stress & recharge in the comfort of home! Great for athletes & people on their feet all day. ✓ VERSATILE USERS: Ideal for self-massaging, myofascial release / trigger point therapy, physical therapy, acupressure, pregnancy massage & reflexology. Also great for recovery after yoga, Pilates & the gym. ✓TEXTURES: Set includes ball massages & Chart – with large high density spiky massage ball (2.8”), with mini spiky massage ball (2.2”) and lacrosse ball (2.5”). Each provides a different level of stimulation, so you can experiment with what feels best. ✓ STURDY & DURABLY MADE: These dense rubber massage balls are constructed to the highest quality standards, so they last and last! Won’t crack, tear or lose shape with repeated use.

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Scrotal stretching is practiced in an attempt to further lower the scrotum away from the body, which has health benefits by itself.

For one, by doing this, the temperature of the testicles is lowered, making it ideal for sperm production. The second primary effect has more to do with aesthetics.

Grab hold of the testicles with one hand, with a palm up orientation. You should use your thumb and index finger to clasp the scrotum, so that the penis actually rests on your palm.

Gently stretch the scrotum downward, and massage in a circular motion with the other hand. Massage in a controlled, gentle, circular motion, while lightly applying pressure throughout the massage.

Do this for about minutes, and ideally before bed. This is to offset mild potential discomfort from the stretching that occurs in some people.

Tapping and Rolling

In a manner similar to tapping, hold penis upright with one hand, and take your other hand, palms upwards, and gently begin “rolling” the underside of your testicles. Perform 3times clockwise and 3times counterclockwise.

Clench your anal sphincter muscles tightly throughout so that energy (according to chakra points) moves up the spine and, in turn, stimulates libido.


Keep the massage ball rolling towards your buttocks. Like the hamstrings, this area is often filled with tension.

Work the massage ball deeply in to relieve this build-up of tension, much of which comes simply from sitting. Just do what feels right.

Sometimes I get home from work and my feet are so sore I don’t want to move. All my plans for the evening include is curling up on the couch, feet lifted from the floor, with the latest box set of Game of Thrones. Venturing out, despite invites from friends, is about as appealing as a trip north of the wall (GoT again, sorry!).

Improves Circulation

Sometimes our foot muscles don’t get the exercise they need. Sitting behind a desk all day, lounging on the sofa at home and confining shoes will all cause foot health problems. Rolling a spiky massage ball over each foot before you go to bed can be great for boosting circulation in your feet and lower legs.

Better circulation will mean more oxygen is delivered to those tired and sore muscles. It can also help you feel calmer and fall asleep faster and sleep for longer too.

Relaxes Tight Muscles

One of the main reasons many of us go for a massage is to relieve the symptoms of tight muscles. Self-massage tools like the best foot massage ball will have the same effect, just minus the smile of a hunky masseur. Smooth roller balls, often called lacrosse balls, are the most effective for relieving muscle aches. Spiky balls are better suited at attacking those muscle knots.

Our rating

This Prosatisfy set comes with three massage balls of different sizes and textures. The first ball is a large massage ball with short, blunt spikes to work on acupuncture points. Also included is a smaller ball with more pointed spikes and a large lacrosse-style ball with a smooth surface.

Each ball provides a different level of stimulation, so you can experiment with which feels best. This is a great set for those just starting out on a muscle massage routine. What is it worth. Spikier balls can delve deep into the muscles to release knots and increase blood flow while the smoother ball can roll away stress and tension.

Our Choice

They may look like a dog’s chew toy, but the best massage ball is an effective tool for relieving foot aches and pains. Don’t let the dog chew it though, it can often hurt your foot more when giving the dog a boot up the backside. The choice of balls is simply quite staggering but choosing the right one should give you many years of pain-free feet.

In our opinion, the Pro Satisfy Foot Massage Ball Set offers the most versatility for treating your feet to a relaxing massage. A ball with shorter blunt spikes is ideal for times when your feet are feeling more delicate. While a spikier small ball is good for attacking those more stubborn muscle knots. A smooth lacrosse ball is also included for relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis or other chronic conditions.

Lying on the floor, take two therapy balls and place them on top of each other between the shoulder blades, to the left side of your spine. Cross your right arm over your body and hug your rib cage, then lay your left arm on top of it, as if you were giving yourself a big hug.

Breathe deeply and rock slowly from side to side, allowing the balls to dig in and massage the muscles across your upper back and alongside your spine. Switch sides, placing the balls on the opposite side of the spine and crossing your right arm over your left. If reclining on the balls provides too much pressure, you can perform the move against a wall.


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